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Ramah Records & The W Likes has made it official and signed a deal for future releases.

The W Likes are currently writing their follow up album and is planning to head to the studio in the fall.

The signing was the first offical one for the label, but shortly after Ramah Records & Argentinian heavy rockers in Babas del Diablo signed a deal to release their previous and future albums on vinyl. Read more about both bands in the Rooster section.

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Owner of Ramah Records

Founded on April 10th 2013, Ramah Records is the result of the love Balbosj has for music and his hometown Hamar.
It was also a way to secure the rights for The W Likes music, where Balbosj has the bass duties.

With three releases from The W Likes under the Ramah Records stamp and a fourth in the making, Balbosj has recently expanded the rooster with the signing of Babas del Diablo. This marks the new start for the future of the label. Expect more to come in near future.