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Due to Balbosj will be attending University until June 2023, Ramah Records will be put on hold for the time being. Records can be bought from the web store or directly from The W Likes and Babas del Diablo (check their socials). All orders from the store will be handled by Balbosj personally on his study breaks and can take some extra time to process.

Thanks for all the support!


Check back for updates and follow our socials.


Owner of Ramah Records

Chairman of Tk Deathfest

Bass player of The W Likes

Founded on April 10th 2013, Ramah Records is the result of the love Balbosj has for music and his hometown Hamar.
It was also a way to secure the rights for The W Likes music, where Balbosj has the bass duties.

With three releases from The W Likes under the Ramah Records stamp and a fourth in the making, Balbosj has expanded the rooster with the signing of Babas del Diablo and the release of their album El Origen del H@mbre on vinyl.

Expect more to come when Balbosj is done at University.